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Lotus Templates
LotusGuides.net offers custom made templates for server websites. If you are interested in the templates, please contact me at lotusmuteam@gmail.com. I can also create a special unique template for you with special images and buttons by your demand. Everything is possible! Being unique is just one step away!
Here are the currently available templates I provide. Please note that I have uploaded screenshots (40% quality) of blank site templates. The full websites will contain a lot more info, images and buttons. Anything you wish. Modifications are possible on all templates. Also have in mind that some of the designs are not mine, I rewrote them to be lighter, valid and working for all browsers, and I made changes where needed.
1NEW! Fire red art templateYesYesYesclick to view full image
2NEW! Season 4 VIP Blade Master template. Only the best dedicated servers can use it.YesYesYesclick to view full image
3Luxury grey layout with a Dark Knight artwork image as background.YesYesYesclick to view full image
4A beautiful MU Online template with artwork and transparent windowsYesYesYesclick to view full image
5Another MU Online template with a giant demon as background and transparent windowsYesYesYesclick to view full image
6A dark template for MU OnlineYesYesYesclick to view full image
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