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Dark Wizard Guide
Some men strive for physical perfection. Others would rather bend the laws of nature to benefit their cause. The Dark Wizard can command the elements to smite his foes. He can also call upon the spirits to aid him. Most people are wary of the powers of the Dark Wizard and usually leave them alone. However, others make the mistake of thinking them an easy target due to their weak stature. But do not be deceived! Many warriors have suddenly been engulfed in flames before even reaching a Dark Wizard.

The Dark Wizard has an array of offensive spells that can defeat any man or beast in no time. Although powerful, many of these spells require time to find as well as huge amounts of energy to master and large amounts of mana to cast.
Dark Wizard
Calculation Formula for Dark Wizard
Maximum Damage
Minimal Damage
Attack Success Rate
Defensive Power
Defense Success Rate
Energy ÷ 4
Energy ÷ 9
(Level*5) + (Agility*3) ÷ 2 + Strength ÷ 4
Agility ÷ 3
Agility ÷ 3
Character calculator here
The Dark Wizard can equip staves, some axes, some swords and shields.
Energy BallThe first spell of the Dark Wizard, it compresses his power into a small sphere to be unleashed on his target.
Fire BallEven novice Dark Wizarsd can master this simple technique easily. By shooting a huge tongue of fire, it gives a massive damage to enemies.
Power WaveIt shoots a wave of force towards the enemy. Power Wave digs under the ground and moves toward the enemy to deal moderate damage.
LightningLightning spell that can knock enemies back.
TeleportThe Teleport spell allows the caster to relocate himself anywhere within the screen. They use can use the spell to evade attacks or use it to position for a better attack.
MeteorThis spell summons a meteorite from the heavens to smite opponents.
IceThe Ice spell has a chance of chilling enemies, slowing down their movement and the speed of their attack.
PoisonThe Poison spell conjures poisonous vines that sprout from the ground near target's feet that may slow and poison the target. Poisoned enemies will slowly lose life over time until the poison wears off or is cured.
FlameThe Flame spell summons a pillar of flame which causes continuous damage on all creatures it touches.
TwisterThe Twister spell allows the caster to conjure small cyclones that can confuse the enemy when they are struck by it.
Evil SpiritsThis spell summons spirits to fight on the side of the Sorcerer. This damages all opponents within the sorcerer's line of sight.
HellfireWizards can conjure hellfire that springs up from the ground and hits multiple targets around him.
Aqua BeamThis spell conjures a beam of concentrated elemental water that penetrates through multiple opponents.
CometfallThe Cometfall spell conjures a bolt of energy that shoots targets from the sky.
InfernoInferno spell creates a ring of fire around the caster for a few seconds, instantly burning those who come too close to the wizard.
Teleport Ally Teleport Ally enables the wizard to summon a member of his party to his location. It is very useful in situations where party members get caught in tight spots.
Soul BarrierThe Soul Barrier spell encases the caster in a sphere of energy which absorbs a certain amount of damage dependent on energy.
Ice StormThe Ice Storm spell conjures massive shards of ice to fall on enemies and slow down any survivors.
DecayCauses falling poison balls which deal a huge amount of damage and can effectively "poison" the enemy to death.
NovaProbably the most powerful spell in the game. The Wizard concentrates all his power and generates a huge explosion of arcane energy.
Tips & Tricks
A good way to win duels and battles is to use your teleport skill and while you're out of sight attack your enemy with lightning. The only way he can counter you is to wait for you to reappear but when this happens teleport again and stay untouchable.
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