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If you like to play MU Online and wish to improve your skills, this web site is for you. You will find just enough information to get you started without spoiling the game experience. You can start the guide with the menu on the left but it is advised first to see the game itself and then read the guides. You can pick a server from the catalog I provide to try the game.
For those of you who are familiar with MU Online and have their own server I provide advertisement services you may find interesting. Also be sure to check out my custom templates.
Finally, if you like the services I provide you can use LotusGuides.net for a gameguide on your own server website or you can donate to help improve the information and content updates.
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Recent Updates
New Template added! Click here for more details.
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NEW LOTUS WEBSITE ONLINE!. Visit the new top list and register your website! You get 1 day VIP membership and you have the unique opportunity to get higher in the top list from the beginning!
Ad Vouchers added.
Voting pages added. If you are satisfied with the guides I provide you can always help me out by voting for Lotus Guides. Thanks! The beer's on me.
New Template added! Click here for more details.
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Character Calculator added. It is extremely useful! Have fun!
3rd Quest Guide added. Learn all the steps of the 3rd quest in MU.
Advertising Guide added. Learn how to create, publish and target your ad for a more successful server.
I just finished upgrading the ad system. There were reports that because of the slow banner system the website was loading very slowly sometimes. So I wrote a new script that loads all banners and ads after the whole site has been loaded so there shouldn't be a problem with delay anymore.
New Template added! Click here for more details.
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New Ancient Sets added.
Socket System guide added. Learn how to upgrade your items with sockets (full process)
Kanturu Event guide added. Learn all the steps and features of the Kanturu Event.
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